Monalisa Bhojpuri Actress HD Wallpapers, Image Gallery, Beautiful Photo, Hot Pics, Bold Picture

Monalisa (Antara Biswas) is one of the best and beautiful Bhojpuri actress and Big Boss Season 10 contestant. She looks very beautiful, cute and hot. She wears modern dresses like jeans, skirt, bikini, swimming suits and many more hot dresses and traditional Indian dresses like Saree and Lahanga in her films. She has a mass fan following on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Monalisa (Antra Biswas) fans set her pictures as wallpaper on his mobile or computer screen. When we tried to prepare a report about Monalisa based on web searches then we found that her fans are search her pictures, image gallery, hot pics, bold pictures and hot images . collect some beautiful and best photo of Monalisa. Some pictures are old and some pictures are latest.

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